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About Mark Nelson

Every great career is a long and crooked path.

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A Little About Me.

I have been lucky to spend many years helping companies to try to find needles in haystacks, rare candidates that happen to fit perfectly in very specific situations. This has given me the opportunity to speak to thousands of amazing and interesting people, and as time goes on it is clearer and clearer that the people I have met with have given me more than I have given them.
Over time I have seen many patterns emerge as highly talented people make similar choices again and again. Lately I find myself seeking out opportunities to give candid advice based on my own experiences, in the hope that I can provide a different perspective for people trying to navigate their careers.
So far this has been very rewarding and it has made me want to do more. So here is this.

A Short Bio

Mark has spent his career developing innovative models for providing and procuring recruitment services. His combined senior management experience in both executive search and industry has provided him with a unique perspective that has inspired him to provide new strategic alternatives.

Mark is currently an Operations Delivery Leader with Aon Hewitt’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing division. He is also a contributor at

Prior to joining Aon Hewitt Mark co-founded Funnel Search Group in Toronto in 2009 and, after experiencing several years of growth, the business was acquired by Conroy Ross Partners in May 2013.

Mark previously acted as VP Talent for one of Canada’s fastest growing start-up companies and also spent several years with a large recruitment organization where he gained experience in selling and delivering senior search projects. Mark has held numerous progressive positions focusing on the recruitment process and creative client offerings.

Mark graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1996 and began his career in corporate law.

The postings on this site are Mark’s own opinions and are not the position of the Aon Corporation, or its subsidiaries, clients, partners or suppliers.

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