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05 Sep


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Digression of the week: One more reason why you need a great online profile

September 5, 2014 | By | No Comments

For headhunters like me, one of the hardest parts of the job used to be finding people with the right qualifications. As difficult as it might be for anyone under 30 to fathom, people used to be very hard to find.

By making candidates and their professional details easier to access, the Internet has been shifting the power to job seekers for some time. Whether it is online postings, resume databases or social media profiles, it is constantly getting easier for candidates to present their qualifications and allow employers to find them, rather than scrolling through postings or (gasp!) networking.

The latest iteration of this trend whereby new career sites liked Poacht make it easier to get found by specific targeted employers, shifts the spectrum even more. Now even the “laziest” (as per the article) job seekers can put themselves in a position to land better jobs with better companies with very little effort. All they really have to do is have a good online profile.

Lots of questions come to mind:

• How many of the ”already employed” want to invest time in using a tool like this? The company’s business model relies on employed people signing up, much like the online resume databases that have had only marginal success. The difference for these new tools is they will use existing online information from sites like LinkedIn and (soon) Facebook, but you still have to sign up for the service.
• If candidates do respond to this model, how quickly and efficiently will corporate recruiting teams from larger companies respond? Already about 70 companies are participating.
• For the moment these sites cater to large companies with established employment brands. While this seems logical for attracting candidates, the majority of people still work for (and may prefer to work for) small to mid-size employers. Will they be attracted to this model as well?

While it is always tough to see yet another technological offering intent on cutting into the third party recruiter market, I do get a kick of how sites like these use 100% public profiles for their own purposes while effectively competing with them at the same time.(How does that feel LinkedIn?).

I do believe online profiles will only continue to grow in importance. Companies are building tools with the intention of taking the work out of your job search. All you have to do is make it easy for them to find you.

Just remember that nothing beats actual relationships. Don’t let all these headlines convince you that you should stop networking. Profiles help you get found, but a reputation among respected professionals is what makes you sought after.

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